Game rules

While the world as a playfield is getting smaller and smaller, it is not just about the ball anymore. It is about the actual game!

Therefore we established game rules for ourselves. In other words, when it comes to tarpaulins, netting and fabrics, you can rely on us.


Your success is our success. We are not easily satisfied. We take the extra step and take our time to think along with you.


We know what we are talking about, always based on proven knowledge. We give accurate information and good advice.


We strive to deliver products with a guaranteed quality. We are continuously testing our products and live up to what we have agreed.


We treat everybody in the chain with fairness and equality. That way we can build lasting and satisfying relationships.


Customer-friendly, but especially customer oriented. Every contact matters. Fast, honest and personal.


We realize what we have promised. Exactly like we agreed.