Got you covered


For over 40 years, Landskroon has been a specialist in providing technical fabrics for covering and protection against sun, weather, wind, dust and dirt. During this period, we earned our customers’ trust. Not only because we are able to offer a complete product range, but also thanks to our continuous dedication to service and keen capacity for problem solving.

Our long time experience guarantees you the best advice in regard to covering and protecting by using tarpaulins, netting or textiles. Producers, wholesalers, tarpaulin makers and other distributors throughout Europe are amongst our clients. They supply professional end users who rely on products that provide maximum protection. We offer your customers sophisticated products that have been carefully designed to meet the highest quality standards. Providing excellent service is our objective and we prove it, day in, day out.


While the world as a playfield is getting smaller and smaller, it’s not just about the ball anymore. It’s about the actual game! Therefore we established game rules for ourselves. In other words, when it comes to tarpaulins, netting or fabrics, you can rely on us.

We think, based on your customer’s requirements and expectations, their satisfaction is key to our mutual success.

We give accurate information and good advice, always based on proven knowledge. We test products to know what we are talking about.

We strive for excellent value for money, with a guaranteed consistent quality level, or for the best quality achievable within your budget.

We treat everybody in the chain with fairness and equality. That way we can build lasting relationships.

Every contact matters:

fast, correct and personal.

Our customer promises,

we deliver!